Our reports

Our Reports

Our specifically designed and built templates draw on 25 years experience and knowledge to provide a best in class, gold standard report

We use the latest technology in the compilation of our inventories

We are not bound by the limitations of pre existing text and terms commonly found in apps

Our Reports Are

  • Relevantly detailed
  • Simple to follow
  • Use industry and property standard terms 
  • Free of jargon and abbreviations
  • Conform with AIIC standards
  • Fair, impartial and objective 
  • Thoroughly checked and proofread before distribution
  • Backed up with a full suite of clear, high definition photographs
Sleek, white, modern kitchen
part of inspection and reporting

The emphasis is on a clear, accurate, relevant and fair written inventory backed up by photographs

In addition we undertake to:

  • List, photograph and test all primary property keys for handover
  • List, photograph and press test all safety alarms
  • List, photograph and note all utility meter numbers and readings
    This includes any specific access details and locations of meters for future reference
  • Liaise with porters and concierges for provision of meter readings when these are read by them
  • List, photograph and note all appliances, makes and model numbers
  • List, photograph and note all boilers, makes and model numbers
Our Reports
Live Oak check in report

Example Check In

Begin a new tenancy as you mean to go on.
A detailed and clear check in will avoid ambiguities and potential disputes

Live Oak check out report

Example Check Out

At the end of the tenancy our clerks will inspect the condition of the property and its contents against the inventory

We also ensure:

The digital signing for keys by the tenant at handover

The provision of a complete suite of high definition digital photographs of the property and contents available for viewing and downloading via a link on the inventory

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